On A Blog, Let It Bleed

Since starting, I’ve made two posts to this blog and they’re both about the same thing.

  1. NYTimes Headline Strokes Wall Street
  2. The NYTimes Takes My Advice

That’s enough. Time for a retrospective!
Here’s what I’ve noticed:
In post #1, I made an observation about a frontpage headline I had seen in the New York Times Online Edition.
The day after, I said to myself, “This stinks”. I just didn’t like it.
But then, quite by accident, I noticed on the very next day that the Times had actually gone and changed the headline. Totally unexpected. So the substance of the post, obviously, had some meat. But the style? I don’t know.
There’s a way of writing for this medium that I don’t have a handle on yet, but I’m hoping.
Brevity is Rule #1, Fink thinks. Keep cutting until it bleeds. What you leave out is just as important as what you put in.


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